POST public/v2/Ping

Check service availability

GET public/v2/IsAuth

Check auth

POST public/v2/Login

Create login request which returns an authentication token

POST public/v2/AuthKeys

Create a new authentication key with given parameters

POST public/v2/Login/Api

Login and create authentication key with given parameters

GET public/v2/AuthKeys

Return list of authentication keys available for user

DELETE public/v2/AuthKeys/{key}

Delete a specific authentication key


GET public/v2/streams/{streamKey}/logs?from={from}&to={to}&take={take}&skip={skip}&minValue={minValue}&maxValue={maxValue}&postProcessIfAvailable={postProcessIfAvailable}

Return logs inside a stream

GET public/v2/streams/{streamKey}/logs/aggregated?timeRange={timeRange}&from={from}&to={to}&aggregationType={aggregationType}&aggregationTypeString={aggregationTypeString}&aggregationPeriod={aggregationPeriod}&timeZone={timeZone}&autoTimeZone={autoTimeZone}&nullWhenNoData={nullWhenNoData}&multiplier={multiplier}&postProcessIfAvailable={postProcessIfAvailable}

return logs inside a stream, a variety of properties help to filter and aggregate the logs which are returned

POST public/v2/streams/{streamKey}/logs

Upload logs into a specific stream

POST public/v2/streams/logs

Bulk upload logs into many streams

GET public/v3/nav-tags?tagged={tagged}&includeHidden={includeHidden}

Returns a new navigation tree generated from tags

GET public/v3/nav-tags/{streamKey}?includeHidden={includeHidden}

Returns a new navigation tree generated from tags


POST public/v2/pools

Create a new pool

GET public/v2/pools?includeHidden={includeHidden}

Return list of pools available to user

GET public/v2/pools/{poolKey}

Return a specific pool

DELETE public/v2/pools/{poolKey}

Delete a specific pool

PUT public/v2/pools/{poolKey}/timezone

Update specific pool with new timezone

GET public/v2/pools/{poolKey}/stations

Return list of stations inside specific pool

GET public/v2/pools/{poolKey}/stations/{stationId}

Return specific station inside a specific pool

POST public/v2/pools/{poolKey}/stations

Create new station inside a specific pool

DELETE public/v2/pools/{poolKey}/stations/{stationId}

Delete a specific station inside a specific pool


POST public/v2/pools/{poolKey}/stations/{stationId}/streams

Create a new stream in a specific pool and station

GET public/v2/pools/{poolKey}/streams

Return list of streams inside a specific pool

GET public/v2/pools/{poolKey}/stations/{stationId}/streams

Return list of streams inside a specific station

GET public/v2/streams/{streamKey}

Return a specific stream

GET public/v2/streams/{streamKey}/lastTimestamp

Return last timestamp of logs in specific stream

PUT public/v2/streams/{streamKey}

Update a stream name or description

DELETE public/v2/streams/{streamKey}

Delete a specific stream (including all logs)

GET public/v2/streams/{streamKey}/additional

No documentation available.

POST public/v2/streams/{streamKey}/additional

No documentation available.

GET public/v2/streams/{streamKey}/recalculate

No documentation available.


GET public/v3/stream/{streamKey}/tags

Returns tags for object

POST public/v3/stream/{streamKey}/tags

Add tags to object

DELETE public/v3/stream/{streamKey}/tags

Delete tags from object

POST public/v3/streams/tags/change

Change tags for objects


GET public/v2/timezones

Return list of valid timezones supported by Bitpool